Let The Battle Begin: Gucci Sues Guess

Gucci and Guess have finally gone head to head in a New York federal court room  today. To settle their dispute over Guess’s alleged infringement over Gucci’s signature G monogram, red and green stripped and the diamond motif.

“This case is not about following fashion trends,” said Gucci attorney Louis Ederer. “It’s about a massive, complicated scheme to knock off Gucci’s best-known and iconic designs. “May 9 marks the three-year anniversary of this case – it’s about time Gucci had its day in court.” Gucci also demands that Guess pays the label back for any profit made from the alleged copied designs, naming one red-and-green-striped shoe specifically – WWD reports.

To which Guess replied Via their  attorney Daniel Petrocelli, “Guess doesn’t slap a house name on a product, Guess screams its name, it surrounds you,” he said, adding later, “Gucci uses leather, Guess uses plastic, that’s why it costs 100 bucks. Gucci fabric, Gucci this, Gucci swatches. This is how they talk. That’s how they identify looks and feels and fabrics… This case is built on a house of cards. That you can create intent from whole clothing and run it back and collect $220 million.”

Wow let the battle Commence…

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